In early spring, a white Capri 5.0L was pulled off the lot of Spiker Ford/Lincoln/Mercury in Milford, MI and sent to Graphix Concepts who had been producing decals for the ASC McLaren Capri coupes.  This car would serve as the prototype.
 Graphix Concepts would design and add the decals. Each side of the prototype would have a different decal style. The driver's side had red strobe stripes starting below the door molding and becoming taller in size as they reached the back of the car, then wrapping around onto the rear hatch. This style closely resembled the Trans-Am Series Capri's. The passenger side had vertical red stripes only on the white section of the car & less sloped than the other side. The reasoning for the 2 different decal styles was to give Mercury 2 different choices. The passenger side scheme would be ultimately chosen.
 The prototype would then be stripped of the decals that weren't chosen & given a new decal to match the other side of the car. The Capri & GS emblems that were removed to accomodate the orginal drivers side decals were not reinstalled. ASC McLaren then added their components. At this point the prototype featured a red Ford –Lincoln/Mercury Motorsport decal on the upper front section of the fenders. This decal would make it to the replicas & track cars but would be in white & moved to the lower sides of the air dam.  It also had the Mercury cat painted red on the center caps. This feature would not make it to the replicas or track cars.
 The car was shipped to the Renaissance Center. it would feature in the lobby area where the Detroit Grand Prix headquarters was set up.
 This was the car that was used on the Mercury designed logo. It was featured on promotional items such as the T-shirt, coffee mug & in-house memos. It was also photographed outside the Ren Cen with Willie T. Ribbs & Ford/Mercury executives.
 While at the Ren Cen, additional decals were added to the side of the car. These decals (and the red Ford-Lincoln/Mercury Motorsport fender decal) were removed from the car prior to shipping back to Spiker Ford