In March of 1985, a white Capri 5.0L from Spiker Ford/Lincoln/Mercury in Milford, MI was brought to Graphix Concepts in nearby Novi, MI & then to ASC McLaren in Livonia, MI.  This would become the prototype for the Motorsport Capri.

Ford then submitted the order for all cars on April 11.
The remaining cars would be built at Ford’s River Rouge assembly plant between May 24 and June 11, 1985. They would be sent to ASC McLaren directly from the plant for conversion.

With the race rapidly approaching Graphix Concepts would be forced to apply the decals at ASC McLarens Livonia facilities.
An additional car started being built in May prior to the track cars & the replicas. This car would be completed in Dearborn June 14 & sent to ASC McLaren for the basic decal package & additional body componants. It was then sent to

another location (believed to be Roush in Livonia, MI) to be converted into the pace car for the Detroit Grand Prix. It received a specially modified engine, additional graphics, light bar & other features needed to be used as a pace car.
                                                                Oxford White (9L)        Silver Metallic (1E)

Exterior Color                                                 46                                          9

           Charcoal Grey (PA)                             39                                          8
           Canyon Red     (PD)                               7                                           1

​​ 5 Speed Manual                                              38                                          7
Automatic Overdrive                                     8                                           2

Solid Roof                                                          21                                          5
T-Roof                                                                 18                                          4
Sunroof                                                                7                                           -

AM/FM                                                                13                                          2
   W/Premium Sound                                        8                                          2

​Electronic Search Cassette                            8                                          2
    W/Premium Sound                                      17                                         3

​​Air Conditioning                                               36                                         8

Cruise Control                                                   27                                         8

Power Lock Group                                            19                                         7