Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How many were built?
      A total of 55 were made.
      1 Prototype,
      2 Pace Cars (1 for the Motorcity 100 & 1 for the Grand Prix),
      2   Safety Cars (1 for the Motorcity 100 & 1 for the Grand Prix),
      50 Replica’s   
2 – What happened to 30?
“When trying to get a total number back in the late 80’s & early 90’s, I talked with many folks that were involved with the cars in ’85. Dealership sales staff & dealership owners, ASC McLaren employees, Graphix Concepts employees, Lincoln/Mercury Detroit District Drive Away employees & anyone else I could contact. 
Nobody had a solid answer. Numbers that always seemed to come up were 100, 50 & 30.
Originally Mercury wanted to produce 100 to commemorate their sponsorship of the Motorcity 100.
With not enough time before the race, that 100 number couldn’t be filled.
Since all cars were converted at ASC McLarens Livonia, MI facility, they seemed to be the best source for production numbers. However all their 1984 to 85 Capri records were destroyed.  One of the production managers seemed to be the best source & he claimed “about 30” were built. Sandy Block of the ASC McLaren registry received the same info from another ASC manager.  So the number 30 seemed to stick.
Over the years I was able to track down many of these & a pattern in the VINS began to emerge.
With the help of Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works & Mick Tuttle at Four Eyed Pride, I was able to do deeper research & confirm an actual production number & detailed info on each missing car”.
3 – Is it an ASC McLaren?
Yes & No. 
The ASC McLaren SC (convertible) & ASC McLaren Coupe (hatchback) were built on the assembly line with a special D32 code. This meant they were specially built just for ASC McLaren with some features or parts being deleted  & certain special parts added. All ASC McLaren SC’s & Coupes had a code on the buck tag indicating it was to be built under D32. After they rolled off the production line, they were shipped to ASC McLaren in Livonia, MI for completion.
The Motorsport Capri was to be a showcase vehicle for Mercury & was not built with the D32 code, but rather as a regular Capri RS / 5.0L model.
After factory production, they too were sent to ASC McLaren. However they did not get the full treatment as the D32 coupes & convertibles did.  Just the ASC McLaren side skirts, rear valance, rear wing & headlight/taillight covers were added.  All Mercury & Capri factory emblems were left intact & ASC McLarens name was nowhere to be found on the car.
4 – How many were pace cars?
   4 Track cars were built.
   1 Pace car & 1 Safety car for the Mercury Motorcity 100 (SCCA Trans Am Series Race ran Saturday June 22). 
   Also 1 Pace Car & 1 Safety Car for the Detroit Grand Prix (Formula 1 race held on Sunday June 23).
5 – Are they just a decal kit?
In addition to the extensive decal kit, all cars received the ASC body kit (side skirts, rear valance, rear wing & headlight/taillight covers)
6 – Were they mechanically modified?
 The Replicas were completely stock 5.0L Capri’s. 
The track cars were believed to be modified for track duty.  The Grand Prix pace car seems to have had its original engine pulled(If it even had one) & a modified one put in for the race. After the race, a stock crate motor was reinstalled before heading to the dealership.
7 – A Formula One race had a pace car?
   Not in the traditional sense.  These cars started out in the back of the field during the Grand Prix & were used for various track duty during the race.  During the Motorcity 100, they were used as pace cars in the traditional way.
8 – Are they based on the RS or GS 5.0L?
 In the beginning of 1985 model year production there were 2 different 5.0L Capri's, the RS & GS 5.0L. the RS had the airdam with fog lights, sport interior & greyed out trim. The GS 5.0L had the base interior, no airdam or fog lights & had chrome trim. Mercury dropped the RS name early in the model year in the US.  The RS model would continue to be built but would not be referred to as RS.  The new name was just Capri 5.0L.   The only changes would be the RS embossed molding on the quarter panel being replaced with a smooth one.   The Capri RS decal on the hatch would be replaced with a Capri chrome emblem & a GS emblem(even though it was not a GS). This version was the starting point for the Motorsport Capri.
Towards the end of 1985 production the GS emblem would be dropped from the RS style car. Why it was applied to the former RS cars for that period of production (when it clearly was not a GS) is unknown.
9 – Could one be ordered from a Mercury dealership?
  The Motorsport Capri’s were part of a Drive Away program for the Lincoln-Mercury Detroit sales district.
  A representative of a dealership would drive it back to their dealership from the event.
  The cars would then be used in the showroom to draw in prospective sales in the summer of ’85.    
  They would eventually sell as new cars.
10 – Whose running this thing?
 The 1985 Mercury Motorsport Capri Registry was founded in Dearborn, MI by Jason Ringuette in 1989.
 The website is designed & maintained by Jason Ringuette with contributions from Motorsport Capri owners.