Due to the Motorsport Capri being a low production car no sales brochures were produced.
                             A logo was created by Lincoln-Mercury and featured on in-house paperwork & promotional items.
                            The items were meant strictly for the dealerships, but sometimes found their way into the hands        
                                                the customers who purchased the cars.

This video was from a laser disk created by Lincoln-Mercury and sent to dealerships as a sales tool.
The Lincoln-Mercury designed logo featured on items such as the coffee mug & T-shirt.
A poster was also made that features the car in front of the Renaissance Center with execs & Willie T. Ribbs.
These items were sent to dealerships that received a car for their showroom.
Above - Checkerd flags were used on some of the cars that were at displays during the race. After the race these flags would make their way to the dealership in the car and be used on the car in the showroom.
Left - Mini bottles of champagne were sent to dealers as a thank you for participating in the drive away program
 The Motorsport Capri logo was also featured on some in-house paperwork.
Featured below is a cover letter (left) and a “Thank You” memo (right)  that were sent to dealerships that participated in the Motorsport Capri drive away program.
 Just under 40 Dealerships participated in the drive away program.
Only dealerships in the Detroit district (DSO 34) received a car. Dealers usually received 1 or 2 cars each, but some received more.  The cars arrived at the dealerships the week of June 24, 1985. 
                      Ashley Ford/Lincoln-Mercury – Benton Harbor, MI                                    Noah Yoder Ford - Hicksville, OH               
                      Algonac Ford/Lincoln-Mercury – Algonac, MI                                             Pfeiffer Ford/Lincoln-Mercury – Grand Rapids, MI
                      Avon Lincoln-Mercury  - Rochester, MI                                                        Royal Lincoln-Mercury - Lansing, MI
                      Caswell Ford/Mercury - Ionia, MI                                                                  Sesi Lincoln-Mercury – Ypsilanti, MI
                      Crusoes Rivertown Motors - Cheboygan, MI                                               Spiker Ford/Lincoln-Mercury -  Milford, MI  
                      Gaylord Ford/Lincoln-Mercury  - Gaylord, MI                                              Star Lincoln-Mercury - Southfield, MI
                      Grand Traverse Ford/Lincoln-Mercury – Traverse City, MI                        Stu Evans Lincoln-Mercury   -  Southgate, MI                            
                      Hilltop Ford/Lincoln-Mercury  -  Novi, MI                                                     Tri Motors – Oak Harbor, OH
                      Huntington Ford – Rochester, MI                                                                  Underwood Ford – Clinton, MI 
                      Irish Hills Ford – Irish Hills, MI                                                                      Valley Lincoln/Mercury - Pontiac, MI
                      Krug Lincoln-Mercury – Dearborn, MI                                                          Zeigler Linc/Merc - Kalamazoo, MI